Sunday, 30 August 2009

Next year...maybe

Wish I was in Paris in time for Rock en Seine for MGMT, Passion Pit, Bloc Party, YYYs and Patrick year perhaps?

Nouvelle expression...

"Beau gosse" - good looking guy/hot guy, "faire le beau gosse" - act the hot guy by how they dress etc.
"Frimer" - to show off
"D'ores et déjà" - from now on/already/now
"Dorenavant/Désormais" - from now on.

Nouveau mot...

"Trop classe!" - slang for awesome, could use "trop de la balle" also. Trop in front of positive adjective means really.

le 7 novembre...

La Roux, Florence and the Machine, Passion Pit, Lissy Trullie, Boy Crisis...La Cigale.

Must book!

Cool blog featuring Paris fashion

Thursday, 27 August 2009


Ankle boots - flat, heeled, peep toe, lace up, walking boot-style...yet to find my perfect pair.

Nouveau mot

Défilé de mode: a fashion show

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Love this blog...

Garance Dore (girlfriend of the Sartorialist)

Nouveau mot

Chambre de bonne = hovel, garret house, tiny apartment, 'maid's room', hole in the wall...


My friends new shoes from OFFICE. She has them in gold but you can get them in black too for £80, see below.

They're called Lord Have Mercy.

Wish I....

was going to a festival. Leeds/Reading, Creamfields (especially!), Bestival coming up!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Phrase du jour

Bon chic bon genre: phrase used to describe good style, classy and equivalent maybe of US "preppy" and UK "sloane". Wikipedia: their typical "uniform" including a mackintosh, ballet shoes, trousers, a cashmere sweater, and accessories such as a "Birkin bag" and a Cartier Tank Française wrist-watch.[27] To a large extent, it refers to upper-class, or upper-middle-class, young men and women who are well-bred, or appear so, with good bones, slim bodies, and a sophisticated, but restrained and elegant, sense of style.

'Paris, je t'aime...'

Been watching little Youtube installments of the film, I love it. Some of the sections are a bit off the wall but it's beautifully shot and some of the stories are so moving. I think my favourite at the moment is the Place des Fetes section.

Not sure if I like the idea of the follow-up, 'New York, je t'aime', bound to be a bit cheesier and less chic...

Monday, 24 August 2009

Revlon Nail Enamel....

I adore this in 'Plum Seduction ', perfect summer/autumn crossover shade. It lasts really well and is nice and shiny.

Makes me want to dance

P-Money - Everything (feat. Vince Harder)

The September Issue...

Pretty excited we got to see this film a month before its release in the UK on my fashion magazine course at Central St Martins this summer! A great insight for those who want to go into magazines/fashion in general, but can imagine it wouldn't appeal so much to those who don't...Still want to go and see 'Coco Avant Chanel', while it's still in the cinemas.

Seems fashion is eating its way slowly into cinema and television across the board, with The Devil Wears Prada, Gossip Girl, The September Issue, Coco Avant Chanel and new US series The Beautiful Life featuring Mischa Barton and directed by Ashton Kutcher - I look forward to its arrival in the UK soon!

Can't get out of my head...

Nneka - Heartbeat (Chase and Status remix)

Phrase du jour

"À la rentrée ": see you  in September/when we go back to school/after the holidays. Also means a set moment in time, that point in September when everything returns to normality.

I find it quite curious how the French seem to just take weeks off during August and migrate South to the coast of France pour les vacances. This just wouldn't happen in England! a) we don't have the weather and b) people wouldn't put up with turning up to "closed" shops when they desperately need something....!

How amazing is this TOPSHOP dress, body armour to the extreme, must be heavy! Shame about the £200 price tag!

Loving ASOS's YSL Tribute knock seen on Olivia Palermo

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