Thursday, 25 March 2010

Femme Fatale.

I found myself suddenly enchanted by images of the femme fatale in the history of art. These images are largely taken from the 19th and early 20th century. I think it would prove a fascinating study, through literature, film, music and art up to the current day.

Source: google images


Pierre Carrier Belleuse, La danseuse (1893)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The XX.

Amazing SW London band.

Coeur de Pirate, j'adore.

Gorgeous song with Julien Doré.

"Doucement tu me fais voir,
Les plus douces de tes histoires,
Plus notre idylle avance d’autres filles entrent dans la danse..."

Homme Femme.

What a gorgeous outfit. These photos are taken from JAK AND JIL blog, 14th March, Paris Fashion Week.

Batofar, Paris.

 "Tonight we're going out on a boat for my birthday", my friend said to me, Friday of last week. All preconceptions of cruise boats, party boats and rowing boats were out of the port-hole the second I stepped on the walkway...

Batofar is a party boat, but with a difference. The boat retains its features and the effect is surreal, especially a few drinks later... A maze of rooms, seating areas are formed from enclosing hubs of the boat, ladders spring up all over the boat to move to the next floor and the dance floor is created from the hold of the boat. The smoking area pushes boundaries, it is the top deck of the boat encased by a transparent cover and littered with comfortable seating. Fortunately the boat does not move, so apart from its look you wouldn't know you were on the water. This is a boat experience never to forget. 

Source: google images