Thursday, 29 July 2010

Get connected.

It's old news that the fashion press is taking presidence on the web. For me, it is my first go-to for fashion news, images and updates. However, the emergence and power of online magazines is striking and I think this is where the fashion press is headed in the near future. Online shopping websites, such as and, are producing high-quality, glossy, cutting edge fashion editorials - good enough to rival the printed press in my opinion. Take for example, Net-a-Porter's recent and God created woman spread featuring iconic designers such as Isabel Marant with a deliciously French touch of styling.

This month, it's ASOS's turn to take the limelight with Olivia Palermo, powerfully styled by Zeba Lowe, taking up an impressive 13 pages of their 100-page monthly online magazine (

Fashion has gone cyber and it's there to stay.


ASOS Magazine, August 2010