Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How to: create unique Christmas decorations

With Christmas round the corner, thoughts turn to decorating the house and with purse strings tighter than ever this year people are turning to the 'hand made'. I've always loved crafts, from making handbags as a young girl to fashion accessories (head bands, necklaces, brooches) out of trimmings and buttons from Liberty today. 

So when the office set a bauble competition, I took on the challenge.

How to make a Christmas 'natural' yet festive bauble

1. Select a ball of oasis and soak it in water

2. Pull bits of moss and attach onto the ball with pins or wire (I used bobby pins!)

3. Once covered attach the ribbon to the top by laying it flat and putting a bobby pin over the ribbon to secure. Tie a knot at the end of the two lengths to create a ribbon to hang the bauble with.

4. Decorate the bauble with ribbons, sparkly cherries and diamante pins.

5. Attach a final ribbon (here I chose the Noel one) to secure the ribbon hanger.

And there you have it! One natural-looking Christmas bauble.

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