Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Interiors: White

In not too long I'm moving. It's an exciting prospect despite it being an extreme downsize in terms of the size of my bedroom, but the space in the overall flat is good

I generally favour white and neutrals for bedrooms to ease relaxation and peacefulness. I'm not talking clinical, hospital kind of white but a clean palette punctuated with metallics, colour and the occasional bit of wood. With my new room being poky [you can pretty much fit a bed and a dressing table in it], white seems a good option to make the space feel larger, especially with shiny wooden floors

I think Emily Shulman of Cupcakes and Cashmere does this effectively [see below] and the neutrality of the grey effectively balances out the starkness of the white bedspread and curtains, while the black serves to add a bit of edge to the otherwise very feminine sleeping space. 


There is something very Scandi about a white bedroom - minimalist and clinical. I would go for a little more colour gained from vibrant photographs and postcards, flowers or the black and white definition you get from a Diptique candle. I like how the black table legs and the long black wire offer a geometric quality to this otherwise blank canvas

Though it's hard to deny, the pleasure of sleeping in white sheets is pretty unbeatable. Crumpled or neatly pressed, they just give off a feeling of freshness. 

I will be sure to post images of my new room when I move in later this summer. My approach will be to declutter, using the white walls and wooden floor as a neutral base, but retaining items with a strong personality to define and shape the space. 

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