Saturday, 7 June 2014

Q&A with: The Cut London

Unique engagement jewellery has increased in popularity in recent years. I spoke to Kate Baxter, the jewellery expert behind The Cut London about trends for 2014 and forecasts for 2015.

Kate Baxter of The Cut London

What are you noticing to be the strongest trends in engagement rings this year? How has this changed from previous years?

The biggest trend I’ve noticed with my readers is towards rose gold - a colour that was hardly ever used in engagement rings is now on everyone’s mood boards when they come to me! This is in tandem with the general move towards vintage styles - like classic dainty halo designs or art deco shapes - I think rose gold feels inherently characterful but can look really fresh in an engagement ring as it’s still quite uncommon. 

I have designed my own engagement ring with London based jewellery designers Robinson Pelham. What do you think is driving this move towards bespoke/unique engagement jewellery? 

Good for you! Everyone should get a bespoke engagement ring in my opinion. I think it’s becoming more popular as we are more interested in customising and tailoring everything to exactly how we want it - weddings have lead the way with more unusual venues and styles, and people want something that feels more ‘them’ when it comes to a ring, too. A platinum solitaire just doesn’t reflect many women’s individual style or personality, so why should she wear one just because it’s tradition? 

Who are your favourite jewellers for unique engagement rings? And wedding bands? 

My favourite jewellers for unique engagement rings are Polly Wales, who is leading the way in a more organic, natural style and uses lots of grey and muted tone coloured diamonds. She’s amazing. I also love Hattie Rickards for her trademark bold, graphic style - perfect if you’re looking for something chunky with lots of colour and VERY non-traditional! 

I would always recommend that the jeweller who designed your engagement ring should make your wedding band, to ensure they fit perfectly and comfortably together, but also so you can get a hint of the style in your wedding band too. That way you get a perfect set that look great together. 

You offer a complimentary engagement ring finding service, how does this work?

Well it’s usually men who email me with a slightly panicked tone, looking for help in finding a ring for their girlfriends. I talk them through her style, ask them what kind of jewellery she already wears, what she’s hinted at in the past. It takes a very brave man to get a custom ring made so I applaud them all! Once I’ve built up an idea of what she might want, I can either take them window shopping and offer an expert opinion (this is quite risky in case we get spotted!), or refer them straight to a jewellery designer who I think will be the best match style-wise.

What do you think will be the big trends for jewellery in 2015? 

COLOUR, COLOUR & COLOUR! Unusual and traditionally underused gemstones are going to be huge in fine jewellery in the coming few years, as people learn more about them and designers experiment with different materials. Opaque stones such as marble, granite and quartz are on the rise in fashion jewellery, and there’s definitely a 70s vibe coming out too with turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli appearing everywhere. 

Thank you Kate!

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