Tuesday, 24 November 2009

COCO AVANT CHANEL (un peu APRES la sortie...)

I've just watched, a bit behind the times, Coco Avant Chanel which illustrates the early life of the legendary Gabrielle Bonheur and her humble beginnings before the realisation of her iconic fashion house, Chanel. 

As a film, it both delights and disappoints. The cleavage between her former life and that in the fashion world is striking, in both an aesthetic and a psychological sense. The difference is shown largely through the styling of her originally 'bland' and jeune homme dress sense and the impossibly neat and quintessentially French way she is dressed in the latter parts of the film.

However, for me, it lacked excitement as her talents come to fruition, a mere 10 minutes is spent on displaying the 'modern' (1920s) couture that comes out of the Chanel fashion house.
A shame, in my opinion.

Yet, the casting is perfection, the setting is charming and the storyline is enchanting. A neat little plot that is not difficult to follow, but keeps one interested.

After all, in the words of Coco herself,