Friday, 27 November 2009

The Time Traveler comes to an end.

Wow. This book was knock out. I'm itching to watch the film.

Philip French discusses the film for the Observer:
"This sci-fi romance, based on a bestselling novel, is the tedious tale of handsome Henry (Eric Bana) who suffers from "a rare genetic anomaly" known as "a cromo-impediment" which causes him suddenly to disappear and turn up at a different time in the life of Clare (Rachel McAdams), the love of his life. Henry routinely leaves his clothes behind, arriving naked at his next stop, though invariably with his back towards the camera. He always returns to Chicago, but doesn't always know where he's been or who Clare is, and while he's not allowed to change anyone's life, his stylish life is financed by lottery winnings. It's even more inane and sitting up begging to be loved than Benjamin Button and, indeed, it was once to be a vehicle for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston before time caught up with them and they travelled in different directions." Sunday 16 August 2009